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7 piece indie band from Oslo

Yodude/Heybro is a fresh 7 piece band from Oslo playing intelligent and varied indierock with norwegian lyrics. Musically they sound like they've taken all the releases of famed indie labels Sub Pop and Matador and blended it so well together that it is difficult to point out the origins. With 7 members they've made sure there's variation in both expressions and instruments, which makes the listener always wonder what's coming around the corner.

Støy, the band's debut single coming 26th of May is a song with a clear shoegazing-inspired sound. The single is the first track off their forthcoming album due Autumn/Winter 2017.

Yodude / heybro consists of Øyvind Bersvendsen, Haakon Sollund, Sigurd Eilertsen Johansen, Håvard Bersvendsen, Sondre Andersen, Lisa Pliassova and Erlend Teigen.