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Mother Likes It Records is an independent record label and booking agency run by Michael Stensen Sollien and Anne Mette Hårdnes. We are not defined by genre but by quality as we aim to only work with talent we truly believe in. Currently we represent Brut Boogaloo, Nelly's Crush, Magnus Hængsle, Yodude/Heybro, Hockney, Firetop Mountain, Simen Loe and Michael Sollien. All our releases are distributed psyically through Diger Distro and digitally through Phonofile.


Brut Boogaloo


A true rock band, Brut Boogaloo's sound consists of groovy rhythms, big and confident guitar riffs, catchy vocal lines and bottomless energy.

Firetop Mountain

Indie Rock

An infectiously melodic combination of resonant guitars, frenetic percussion and arresting harmonies, punctuated by lyrics that are at once dreamy and emotionally haunting.


1960s inspired pop

A duo heavily ifluenced by the sunny pop of the 1960s. They have been compared to Kings of Convenience and The Beach Boys on more than one occasion. 

Magnus Hængsle


Sophisticated pop music with progressive elements, Magnus Hængsle makes some of the most elegant pop music you'll ever hear.

Michael Sollien


Singer and producer Michael Sollien shifts effortlessly between acoustic and electronic soundscapes.

Nelly's Crush

Neo Disco Soul Funk

Music made for modern dance floors with callbacks to the greatest sounds from the 80s and 70s. A band consisting of six skilled musicians makes them a blast to see live.

Simen Loe

Dark Americana

Atmospheric americana with rock sensibilities. The music is intimate, melancholic and haunting with Simen's low pitched voice in focus.


Indie Rock

A 7-piece band from Oslo playing intelligent and varied indierock with norwegian lyrics. 


Please use the contact form below for demo submissions (soundcloud links etc.) and other business inquiries.

Michael Stensen Sollien – Co-owner, A&R and promotion
E-mail: michael@motherlikesit.no
Telephone: +47 48 24 30 44

Anne Mette Hårdnes – Co-owner, booking and promotion
E-mail: mette@motherlikesit.no
Telephone: +47 90 68 30 76